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Congratulations on Baby Evan!....What a wonderful little boy that has
come into the world! My prayers are with you... had a similar experience of having my little one in the NICU for quite sometime..and was very thankful that they knew their stuff. Hope you get some rest, and keep us updated! Lynn


Thanks for the update Elaina. I've been stalking the blog and Facebook for updates ever since reading about the events of the last few days. I am glad to see such hopeful news - both in how Evan is doing as well as the great care he is receiving. I'll continue to hold you all in my thoughts. Sending lots of love your way.


Thanks for keeping us posted through Evan's blog. I've been thinking about you all day. It's hard to be so far away. I'm glad you are in good hands & Ava is well taken care of. Sending love to all four of you!


Oh, Elaina, Darrin and Ava, he is PRECIOUS! How beautiful! You know I am praying for little Evan and you. Especially right now, as the tests are being done; God does perform miracles. I will be making sure my family knows and gets in on the prayers with me!

I can't believe you went all natural! Whoop whoop! Now that's pain tolerance put to the test! Wow! :) Ava must be so excited to meet her new baby! I remember when Adonaiah was in the NICU and Alexia wanted SOOO badly to just touch him and wasn't able to - they peered at each other through the window, and she held out her arms to hold him...it was so precious! It won't be long!

I love you and miss you and am ever so excited for you all! I'll keep updated now that I know he's here (geez, I hadn't been on FB since sometime early last week! Look what I missed!!!)

Lots of love going your way,

Kristen Strandy

Hi Elaina! You and your family are in my thoughts and I'll be praying for you all. Hugs to you and your beautiful family.

lynn Duncan

e pictures are most precious of you all! So wonderful that everything is going well...thank you for updating and... Happy Thanksgiving!


Little Evan couldn't ask for better parents in the whole wide world! We love you all so much! XOXO

Marybeth Paddeb

Dear Elaina and Darrin,
Evan is a precious little guy and so lucky to have you both as parents...and Ava as a little sis. Your courage , optimism, and LOVE are going to move mountains! And you are right... The medical world is full of data and a zillion statistics ... But there is one Evan that will do things his way with the support of your wonderful family. He was letting you know that when he pulled off Darrin's glasses! We are pulling for all of you 24/7 with healing thoughts and prayers!! XXOO


Elaina, Darrin and Ava,

Evan is a beautiful boy and I have no doubt in my mind that all of your love and encouragement will be everything he needs. You guys are an amazing family.

Much love,thoughts and prayers,

Lindsey, Andreas, Alexa and Kaylee

Donna Johnson


I finally had the time to read about Evan's birth and your journey. With tears in my eyes, I know your love and strength helped make this difficult time bearable. As a new mom, I always get so worried about the littlest of things, but also know we have some of the best doctors avaiable out there. Thank you for also mentioning the Canadian health care system has been treating you so well, I know they have been getting a bad rap for no reason.

I am so excited see you and meet Ava and Evan next week. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas... with your babies, safe and healthy in your arms.

Much Love,

Rosemary Binnie

Dear Elaina, Darrin, and Ava,
I just wanted to thank you so very much for sending Evan's 2nd birthday update, and letting us know how beautifully he is doing. Hearing such good news made made our day!
Wishing you all the best, Dr. Rosemary (and the BCCH NICU team)

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