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The SokaZoo

Dear Elaina & Darrin,
We follow Evan's progress every day. Thanks for sharing updates on this wonderful blog!
You have such a wonderful family, and Ava is the perfect daughter & sis: you are so lucky to have each other!!!
Evan looks so awake and lively now, nothing will stop him, and the hospital stay will soon be a long gone memory, just another story to embarasse him when he's older and dating!
Enjoy that pedi, and keep a light heart: we love you for it!
Lots of hugs,
Christine, Philippe & Kelan


Being bumped for his MRI means he's not the most critical case. There's a silver lining, but probably doesn't help that he has to stay in the NICU for an extra night...
Thanks for sharing your blog. I look several times daily for updates. Evan is such a sweetheart and I'm glad I was able to meet him the other day.


Just an extra day for miracles in his little brain to happen right?!

It must be so hard not being able to bring him home, but he'll be there soon enough. Hang in there... you're so strong and positive!

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