> 1 - A shower for the baby

Darrin and Zachary
Baby Bassinet
Showered with Love ... and presents!
Grandma to be (Chari, my mom) and baby Merick
Me holding five day old baby Merick
Katie and I rubbing our bellies
Darrin and I enjoying the day!
Uncle to be and me
Donny with one of the twins
AHS Alum
Darrin and I with Sherry Richardson and the beautiful blanket she made for us
Great Grandpa to be Walt Spring and Grandpa to be Dale Spring
BFF since 5th Grade - Cindy and Me
Wilcox Girls
Me Cam and Gabe
Krista and Stephanie
Darrin and Paul with their new best friend
So little!
Jane and Heather helping "ohhh and ahhh" over the gifts
A special basket from grandma to be Chari (my mom)
So cute!
Each package carefully decorated ...
Grandma to be (Jane, Darrin's mom) and me opening gifts
Wow!  So many cute things in one box.
Beach Baby